Sydney’s first luxury, holistic
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Move, Nourish, Unplug with us
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Our classes are finely crafted to epitomise the Embody ideal of holistic and luxurious health and fitness. We tailor our sessions to guide your wellness transformation in a stimulating and nurturing way.

At Embody we focus on balance. Our classes strive to enhance your overall wellness, both physically and mentally.

Our extensive menu of classes is comprised of a variety of holistic exercises. Familiar classes, such as Barre and Pilates, are taught with a signature Embody twist.


Yoga is a harmonising system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga increases strength and flexibility, as well as improving the function of your respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. The continued practice of Yoga at Embody will lead to a sense of peace, stability and wellbeing. Think of this practice as the tool for realigning and rebalancing your body and mind regularly. To ensure holistic health, Embody offers a range of Yoga varieties to meet your needs.


This innovative type of Yoga combines traditional Yoga poses, Pilates, and dance moves with the use of a silk support that hangs from the ceiling. Most Aerial Yoga classes have an element of inversion (hanging upside down in the silk), which is beneficial for reducing spin decompression and improving blood circulation. Using the silk support facilitates stretching the entire body, and enjoying the feeling of weightlessness. Yoga promotes physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.


This pioneering type of Yoga allows you to work through a series of Yoga poses in 30°C heat. Hot Yoga is a wonderful way to warm up the muscles, allowing you to move into each pose deeply and safely. Practising your poses in a heated room is beneficial for detoxification, as you release the toxins through sweat. Hot Yoga also aids in the development of strength, flexibility, tone, as well as providing a mild cardiovascular workout. Hot Yoga is suitable for everyone and it makes a valuable addition to your weekly wellbeing regime. After each class, you will feel long, strong, and vibrant.


Yoga/Meditation classes are structured to encourage a sense of mental and physical wellbeing by exercising the muscles and relaxing the mind.


This session is designed to help you unplug, increase your flexibility, and achieve a state of mental calmness. Stretch and Meditation incorporates a variety of stretches and concludes with a mini-meditation. This is an ideal combination of mental and physical exercise to promote holistic health.


This is Embody’s ultimate mind-cleansing session. Relax, unplug, and recharge as you forget your stresses and embrace the serenity of an anti-gravity silk support. The anti-gravity silk allows you to undertake a regenerative and restorative meditation session that will calm your mind, quiet your thoughts, and find balance.


Relax, unwind, and recharge as you shed your stress and embrace inner calm in a session designed to help you unplug from the daily hustle. In this seated or lying meditation session you will undertake a regenerative and restorative meditation process where you will calm your mind and find inner balance.


This is a signature Embody class that fulfills the Embody ideal of holistic wellness. This session is a thoughtful and dynamic sequence that has been created to challenge your body whilst building mental and physical strength. Poses are held for longer periods of time, in order to facilitate a mindful connection to your body and your breath. The deep stretching at the conclusion of the class creates a fulfilling and serene experience.


Pilates will transform the way your body looks, feels, and performs. The essence of the technique is developing a strong and stable core, which consequently enables you to train your other muscles more effectively. Core stability exercises will improve your pelvic floor muscles, flatten and tone your abdomen, and strengthen the muscles that support your back. The blend of strength and flexibility training in Pilates improves posture, reduces stress, and creates lengthened, lean muscles. The balanced approach inherent in Pilates adheres to Embody’s holistic health approach and ensures that no muscle group is overworked. Embody offers both Matwork and Reformer Pilates class options.


Barre fuses elements of Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet to give you a whole body workout that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, as well as improving your posture, core strength, and flexibility. Classes will see you undertaking exercises using the Ballet Barre, with the additional use of light weights, bands, or a ball. Participants will also undertake mat and floor work to target the core, and stretching to improve flexibility and promote graceful movement. Your instructor may also incorporate short bursts of cardio fitness into the class to help you burn body fat. Regular Barre workouts will trim and tone your butt, thighs, and legs, and achieve sculpted arms.


This combination class showcases the best of both Pilates and Barre classes. Our combination classes are designed to add variety to your exercise regime and ensure that no muscle is neglected in the pursuit of optimal health and improving your body shape.


This is Embody’s signature class, and the ultimate body-shaping workout. The session uses a combination of equipment such as light dumbbells, resistance bands, Pilates equipment, body weight exercises, and TRX straps. This class encompasses principles from dance and gymnastics, as well as incorporating the best exercises used to sculpt the bodies of fashion and fitness models, whilst simultaneously integrating Pilates principles. The SBS workout will leave you feeling flexible, toned, slender, strong and sculpted, with no risk of gaining muscle bulk.


The Jungle Body session is a hybrid beat-driven training style fusing dance, boxing, cardio, and sculpting. The result is a powerful fat burning experience that not only shapes your physique, but also provides you with strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility. Each Jungle Body class is simple and easy to follow, allowing every participant to work at their own intensity.


TRX classes are one of the best ways to tone your body. Using straps that are suspended from the ceiling, you will undertake a full body workout whilst activating your core muscles. TRX combines body weight and core exercises in order to increase your heart rate and improve strength and endurance. Technically named ‘Metabolic Resistance Training’, TRX uses elements of functional strength training in a circuit format to ensure participants improve both fitness and strength.
All classes work through a series of structured exercises working in time-based intervals. TRX classes are truly suitable for all fitness levels as exercises can all be tailored to your own personal needs.


This combination class offers the benefit of both Pilates classes and TRX classes in the same session. In these classes you will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body with a focus on flexibility and posture. You will leave the class feeling lean, firm, and supple.


This high intensity workout burns fat and sculpts lean muscle by combining a dance-based cardio session with muscle-toning strength training, set to the beat of a playlist to distract you from the burn. Dance Fitness is a whole body workout that uses hand weights and fuses jazz moves, aerobics, kickboxing, Pilates, and Yoga.


Embody’s Small Group Circuit Training sessions are 40-minute group sessions led by a trainer on our main studio floor. The Circuit Training is more similar to a traditional workout that incorporates elements of weight training, core work, and cardio-based exercises that will increase your heart rate. Due to the variable nature of the sessions, the style, structure, and exercises can all differ from class to class. Circuit Training is an effective full body workout designed to improve your overall strength and fitness levels.


Kettlebell classes are a form of resistance training that exercise numerous muscle groups in your body simultaneously. Kettlebell classes are a form of ‘Metabolic Resistance Training’ or ‘Cardio Strength Training’, which elevate your heart rate while lifting a light to medium weight.
Kettlebell exercises require full integration of all muscle groups and also require core stabilisation, so these exercises are effective in improving overall strength and balance. These sessions are also very beneficial for increasing fitness, strength, endurance, and burning fat.

The Embody Method™ is the future of holistic wellness.

Scott Capelin – Founder