Sydney’s first luxury, holistic
fitness studio has opened right in
the heart of Neutral Bay

Move, Nourish, Unplug with us
as you Replenish Your Life

Our Philosophy


Embody is a pioneering urban sanctuary where you can become the happiest, healthiest, and fittest version of yourself. Embody is focused on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that allows you to achieve the best result for your individual goals. The unique Embody Method™ philosophy concentrates on achieving wellbeing through physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

At Embody, we have reimagined the future of fitness to bring you Australia’s first elite fitness studio. Intent on ensuring all aspects of wellness, our carefully chosen instructors and personal trainers have undertaken their own Embody transformations. With their guidance, you can achieve body confidence, flexibility and strength, as well as a healthy unplugged mentality, and a nutritional education. Embody will ensure that you look and feel your best.


Pioneering the new era of fitness

At Embody, we create a personalised wellbeing plan to encourage you to move more while respecting the skin you’re in. We listen intently so that your Embody plan addresses your needs and achieves your goals. Our aim is to guarantee that your effort, time, and investment, results in attaining your sculpted physical ambitions.


Feeding you the knowledge for a better life

No amount of exercise will ever combat a bad diet. That’s why Embody focuses on nutrition as well as exercise. Nourishing your body with real, natural food is essential to looking and feeling your best. As well as an in-house nutritionist, Embody also provides monthly food education seminars to help you understand the relationship between sustenance and wellness.


Leave the everyday behind

At Embody, we believe that holistic wellness is grounded in disconnecting from the stressful exterior world and embracing a deep sense of calm. Being “on” all the time has profound impact on our health and productivity, so Embody focuses on being a sanctuary from your busy life. Simply stepping into our studios will help you realise that you’ve arrived in a place of calm reflection that echoes nature’s serenity. You’ll get to know our team so well that you’ll quickly enjoy a sense of ‘coming home’. Our array of specialised restorative classes include Yoga, Cocoon Meditation, Strength & Serenity and Stretch . These classes have been curated to; enhance your peace of mind, reduce stress, increase clarity and improve productivity.

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The Embody Method™ is the future of holistic wellness.

Scott Capelin – Founder