Scott Capelin is the pioneer who founded Embody out of a dream for a new type of boutique wellness studios.

A Message From The Founder


I’m Scott Capelin, Founder and CEO of Embody.

I began working in health clubs in the late 1990’s after a career in the corporate world. I’ve now been working in the fitness industry for 20 years, and during that time I’ve seen many changes. Sure, there have been changes in the fitness industry, however more significantly there have been changes in society as a whole. We seem to eat more and move less, food is less nutritious, many people are time poor and we are connected 24/7.

Embody has been developed to create an offering perfectly suited to the needs of modern day people. I no longer use the term “Fitness Industry”. I call it the “Health and Wellness sector” and I believe that the aim is to be healthy and ooze an overall sense of wellbeing, to increase vitality and to be mobile, flexible and strong, so we can squeeze the most out of life! At Embody we believe health equals freedom. We also believe in stacking your membership with enormous value, and we have a constant focus on first class customer service. Our mission is to create a warm and friendly environment, which you will feel first-hand when you step inside any one of our our studios. We live to let our members know how much they are appreciated.

Exercise has traditionally been about working hard, smashing yourself, being sore, sweating, dieting, depleting and depriving. Embody flips these concepts on their head. Embody is about filling up, replenishing, and leaving every visit to the studio feeling better than when you entered. Make no mistake – you can still work hard! We have the perfect mix of classes that can help you lose weight, improve your body shape, increase strength and make enormous improvements to your fitness while combining them with sessions that can increase core strength, posture and flexibility, create a sense of stillness and mindfulness, reverse the aging process, and allow you to completely unplug from the outside world.

Your time at Embody is all about you. Embody is for everyone. It is much more than marble bathrooms, sandstone finishes, bamboo towels and living green plant walls. It is your urban sanctuary. We believe that an increased sense of wellbeing and improved health is the vehicle to raise the quality of every area of your life, and we know this because we have seen it thousands of times: relationships, self-confidence, social life, work performance, finances, being a better parent, partner and friend – we really believe you can have it all. It is not about the exercise – it’s about the person you become in the process.

Welcome to Embody. This is the new era of wellness. Please take a moment to look around our website and if you have any questions shoot them through and we will contact you immediately. We believe that you should trial our service before committing to a membership so you can decide for yourself if Embody is right for you. Thank you for reading this far, and if you are considering taking the next step to inquiring about our service, we would be honoured to serve you.

Thank you.

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